The OTA Parent Foundation (OTAPF) is a charitable 501(c)3 status fundraising and community building organization, overseen by a leadership group of volunteer parents whose children currently attend The Old Town Academy public charter school. We have 3 main objectives:

OTAPF Goals:

1. To Enhance the OTA Student Experience
2. To Enhance Family OTA Community Experience
3. To Support these enhancements, not covered by school budget, through fundraising and volunteerism.


Very simply put, to Bridge the Gap. The Gap, in our definition, is the OTA Commitment to the highest quality public education and family cultural environment, as outlined in our Charter, versus what we receive in government funding. As a Charter school, OTA receives only part of this Commitment’s necessary annual funding for its educational programs from the district or other government sources. For instance, independent charter schools have to pay for their own campuses, which is a cost many other public schools don’t incur. The financial shortfall between what is provided, and what we want for our children and the OTA Experience is something the school relies on the work of the OTAPF to help address. This year, with all the OTA Experience offers, the GAP amount, per student, is $360. Through parent and community financial and volunteer-time donations, OTAPF first and foremost addresses this $90,000 need.


Once we have Bridged the Gap, we have the opportunity to provide money for incredible enhancements, both in our Project Based Learning curriculum, and to our independently funded campus to improve and enhance the OTA experience for students and families alike.

Some examples of OTPF Enhancements:

Enhanced Educational Initiatives:
STEM LAB enhancement
Core Knowledge Language Arts Inception
Year 1 Robotics Program
Sports Equipment
Sponsored/Coordinated OTA Class Events and OTA Community Events.

Funded New Biology Program,
Supported Year 2 Robotics Program
Art Consultant Grades K-3
Independet teacher grants and compensation enhancements
Music Program enhancements.
Sponsored/Coordinated OTA Class Events and OTA Community Events.

2017-2018 Committed to and in Process to date:
Main Playground
Renovated Kindergarten Outdoor Space
Art Consultant Grades 1-5
Music Program Supplies for New Music Teacher
Media Room
Calendar of upcoming OTA Class Events and OTA Community Events

How Does the OTAPF Raise Funds?

By Co-ordinating a number of fund-raising events. For 2017-18:

Fall 2017 Fundraising Events:
October 8: Community Event: Alesmith Beer Vs. Wine Gourmet Dinner
October 20th: Jogathon
November 5-6: Community Event: Guadalupe Wine Tasting Getaway

Spring 2018:
March 9: OTA Student Art Show
April 21: OTAPF GALA: Port Pavilion
April 23-30: Online Auction featuring OTA Teachers’ Experiences

Mark your calendars!

We also raise funds through grants and private donations.

How can I get involved?

Donation and Volunteerism comes in many shapes, forms and abilities. The OTAPF works with all of them, from OTA parents, students, relatives, and the San Diego community at large. In fact, our OTA Handbook strongly encourages parents to get involved by suggesting a family commitment of 40 hours of OTA Volunteering every school year. Any level of giving, financially or of yourself is welcome and appreciated as there is no better cause than the education of our future generations.

One opportunity is to become a Class Parent for your child’s class. In this role, a volunteer parents helps communicate and coordinate class activities and events. Another opportunity is that each of the fundraising events need “Committees” of volunteers to help. Whatever time you can offer, parent volunteers are what make the OTA experience for our children that much more rewarding. We try to do things in a way where everyone has fun, creates positive impact, and share in giving time to help our school. Contact Reyna Stallings at volunteer@otafoundation.org to get involved in OTAPF Volunteering.

If you are a “write a check” type, we want to make that as easy as possible for you to make your tax-deductible contribution. Go to the “Bridge the Gap” section of the www.otafoundation.org website and click “Donate Now”. If you have referrals, a business than you know makes education donations, company matching, or any other type of questions or opportunities, email Matt Johnson at giving@otafoundation.org.

Participate in Foundation Leadership

Our OTAPF meeting schedule is outlined on our website, www.otafoundation.org. By being a parent at OTA, you are already a member of the OTAPF. Meetings are open to all parents. Our leadership positions are decided election each Spring, and each position is held for a 2-year term. Turnover is encouraged and welcome as fresh ideas, thoughts, and energy are catalysts for improvement. Check out our “Foundation Leadership” tab on the website and if there is an area of specific interest, reach out to the person in that position as they would love to share about the rewarding opportunity found within leadership of the OTAPF!