Post-Gala OTA Parent Foundation Meeting
Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:00 PM in the Seventh Grade Classroom
What is the first question everyone asks after the Gala?- How much money did we raise?
Come to the Post-Gala OTA Parent Foundation meeting to be among the first to find out our projected earnings from the Gala.
What is the second question everyone asks after the Gala?- How will we spend the money we raised?
Now is your chance to run for office on the Foundation Council and have a say in how we will spend OTA’s fundraising dollars and in other important decisions affecting our school.  Every OTA parent is urged to come to the Post-Gala OTA Parent Foundation meeting to run for office and/or to vote for our new officers.
The following offices are up for reelection:
Communications Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
See the Bylaws (link below) for descriptions of these offices and details about the election process.
We’ll see you at the meeting! Food and beverages will be provided!